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King Solomon Hotel, London

Address: 155 - 159 Golders Green Rd, London
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Location Overview
The King Solomon Hotel provides quality budget accommodation in the tree-lined suburb of Golders Green. Access to central London and its world class collection of tourist attractions is easy with both Golders Green and Brent Cross tube stations being minutes from the hotel, not to mention a host of lovely parks and shops and restaurants including Brent Cross Shopping Centre which adds another 110 shops and restaurants into the mix. Some local attractions include the Jewish Museum, RAF museum and Kenwood House. The West End is a mere 15 minutes away offering entertainment second to none, and for an extra dose of culture the Tate, Tate Modern, National Gallery and British Museum, are all within easy access of the hotel. Sport enthusiasts can take the bus to the Wembley Stadium or Wembley Arena from the bus stop just outside the hotel. Guests who are driving will be pleased with the location just off the North Circular A406, outside the Congestion Charge Zone and close to the A1, M1 and all major motorways.
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Rooms Information
80 comfortable, spacious and tastefully furnished en-suite single, double, twin, triple or family rooms all feature standard facilities including complimentary wireless Internet access (in most of the rooms), direct dial telephones, colour TV, heating, tea/coffee facilities, safe and hairdryer. Ironing board is available on request.

Restaurants & Bars
There is a Kosher Italian Restaurant & Bar on site and complimentary Buffet Breakfast including toast, cereal, juice, tea and coffee is served every morning.

Facilities & Services
24 hour reception, Wireless Internet in all common areas, Restaurant, Bar, Safety Deposit Box, Heating, Luggage Storage, Currency Exchange. Car parking available on site free of charge. The hotel is entirely non-smoking.

Business Facilities
Fax and photocopying.
Customer Reviews (5)
From 1 to 5 out of 5
Last month, I had the unfortunate opportunity of staying at the King Solomon hotel in Golder’s Green, an area of London, England. Had I known what I was to experience, I would have never booked my stay there and I would have warned anyone considering the misfortune - which I am about to do now - of ever even entertaining the thought of staying there. While I admit that London is one of the world’s most expensive cities, and you would be hard pressed to find anything less expensive than around eighty Euro per person/night at a hotel - I’d honestly rather spend a little extra (and I’m a very frugal person) than ever stay in a place like this again. If I were forced to look at the hotel from the perspective of the glass being half full, then I would say that the bed was comfortable, there was soap provided, the shower was clean and there was a functioning TV. These are the most positive attributes I can adorn the sorry excuse for a hotel, and the management is lucky that I say as much as this in a kind light. Having not read the former lodgers’ reviews online prior to my stay, I had no idea what I was about to encounter upon my arrival. I was only going to be in London for one day and night , and I had an important meeting the next morning at East Finchley Tube station, and needed to find a hotel that was in the vicinity to where my meeting point was to take place. I found only so many hotels online that were in proximity to East Finchley Tube, and one of them was 'King Solomon'. It was the most economical hotel, and seemed to be the only thing available - and now I know why. Upon arrival at 11 AM, I approached the entrance of the hotel with a bit of trepidation, noticing the area which I was in, was not the nicest. I also paid close attention to the fact that it was a Jewish establishment- catering primarily to Jewish patrons, which included the menu in the restaurant. To be fair, I did not pay attention to the name of the hotel - which may or may not have been a give away - but I think they could have made mention of the fact that it is geared mainly to Jewish clientele, as to not make other guests feel out of place. When I entered the hotel, I was stunned to see a completely different looking lobby area than what I had seen on the website. It was in utter chaos; The entrance was small and cramped, there was one small loveseat- like pleather sofa, one chair and desk. To the right was a door, and to the left, also a door. The woman behind the counter greeted me, but was not overly friendly. I smiled and said I had a reservation to which she cut me off and said, “It’s too early to check in.” I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, hoping that their would be actual customer service. “That’s alright,” I continued, “when is check-in?” “Not until 2 o’clock.” She said matter-of-factly, and with a look I didn’t appreciate either. She looked away from me, and continued doing whatever it was she was doing behind the desk. “Alright. I need to go do some things, may I leave my bags here?” She said, “Of course.” pleasantly enough, and proceeded to take me through door number one on the right. There was a very dark, narrow hallway and some cupboards on the left hand side. She opened the cupboard and told me to put my things in a fairly cramped space where some other guests’ baggage was already being stored. I felt a little bit under pressure, as I needed to get some things out of my suitcase to take with me, and there were people waiting to get through the hallway - but not enough room to pass me, as the hallway was so cramped. I’m not sure if it was someone who worked there, or just a guest, but a man who had come through the same door as us a moment later, began flirting with me in a very uncomfortable fashion, to which the receptionist quipped, “Don’t bother the customers.” He made another flirtatious comment toward me, which I ignored, whilst taking the things I needed, as he pushed up against me to get by. He didn’t mind, but I did. I grabbed a few of my items, and closed the locker. She asked, “Okay?” In a friendly enough tone, and I reluctantly said, “Yeah.” She walked behind me as we left the unattended and unlocked locker. Wait - isn’t that an oxymoron? I asked her if they would be locking the locker, to which she responded very apathetically, “Yeah, yeah, I will.” She, again, looked away from me as she said it, continuing to work on whatever she was working on behind her desk almost unhappy that I was there. I asked her politely if I could use the bathroom, to which she said again in friendly enough tones, “Of course.” She then began explaining where the bathroom was, and I lost her, but tried to find it anyway. I did get lost - albeit I’m not the best with directions, but even so it shouldn’t be that difficult to find a lobby hotel bathroom, especially that tiny of a hotel - and I had to go back again to ask her. “You didn’t understand?” She asked surprised and a little annoyed that she had to explain once again. She tried, and upon seeing that I was losing her again in the direction process, had to force herself to get away from behind the desk, and probably had to bite her tongue not to say what she was thinking, and showed me herself. The bathroom, I discovered, was through two different hallways, and in another section of the hotel altogether. I can scarcely begin to describe the magnitude of disgust and fear that came over me when I saw where I was going to be staying, and where the restaurant was in all this madness. The whole downstairs area seemed as though it were under construction, but then I came to the conclusion that this was just its normal state. Dirty, dusty, colorless and drab. The door to the left of the reception was where the madness begins. Out of that door, you proceed into a long, curvy, narrow hallway. Through the last door, it leads you outside. You walk to your right to get to the restaurant, and you walk straight on to get to the other section of the hotel where you can find the bathroom. After a few twists and turns back to the reception desk from the bathroom, I managed another smile and so did she, and I asked if I could come back much later that evening, as I didn’t know how long my day would be. She said that was fine, just as long as it was any time after 2 PM. I thanked her for her help, and then reminded her to lock the locker - which I don’t think is an unreasonable request - to which she replied, “I will.” in the tone of a teenager responding to a mother’s request to make sure she cleans her room. My day in London ended in the evening, and I was back at the hotel at approximately 7:30 PM. By the time I came back, new staff was at the front desk, a young man in his twenties from Romania. The girl that had helped me earlier was also in her twenties, with long dark hair, she seemed to be Israeli, but I could be mistaken. The man that was on duty now, was cordial enough, but didn’t know who I was, and I had to explain that the girl beforehand had left my luggage in the locker. Without even checking identification or giving me a number to match the luggage beforehand, he accepted my statement as fact, and took me into the back and let me collect the luggage myself. He found me on the computer with my reservation, checked me in, and proceeded to escort me to my room. He said the room was on the way from where the luggage was. I had my luggage in hand, and could see that there were rooms on that floor. However, my room was not. He led me through a long and winding hallway, which had a total of four doors (including the one that led from the receptionist’s desk to the first hallway), a long and winding staircase (also narrow), and finally up to the floor where my “room” awaited me. At first, he did not want to help carry my luggage - actually refusing to do so - and after he saw that I was having difficulty keeping up and because he had made a mistake and led us up the wrong staircase at first - he finally picked the bags up and aggressively said, “Here”, and led the way. When we did arrive inside the room, I’m fairly certain my jaw actually touched my toe, for I was in shock with the size of the room. I felt very much lied to, and I was seriously starting to believe I had accidentally booked with the wrong hotel. “Oh my gosh,” I thought to myself, “did I remember the wrong website? Did I book with a different hotel, than the pictures I’d seen?” No! This was the “right” hotel. And more than anything, I was pissed off. Not because the room was so small. Not because the hallways were so narrow - certainly not because I could hear the neighbours all night and also the next morning, and also when they peed and flushed the toilet - no…I was pissed off because I’d been lied to. This was not the room they showed on the internet. I was extremely tired from my trip and from my day, and the last thing I needed was to get into an argument with an eastern European downstairs, but this is what it had come to. It was not my fault. I trotted downstairs, trying to pay attention to where I was so that I wouldn’t lose my way going back up. I needed to get something to eat anyway, so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. I go talk to the front desk and then also get a bite to eat in the restaurant. Not knowing of course, what was on the menu. I walked up to the desk and in a serious, but not altogether rude manner I asked to speak with the manager, “What’s the problem?” He asked, as if he didn’t know. “The room I have, is not what I requested. A mouse couldn’t live in there. And I feel very deceived because of the pictures on the internet.” He checked the reservation politely enough and said, “Yeah, you booked a single room - and that’s a single room.” “That’s not the picture on the internet.” “Well, we don’t take pictures of all the rooms.” “Oh, so you only take pictures of the nice rooms, and then say that that’s what they all look like? That’s a little deceptive, don’t you think?” He shrugged his shoulders. It really wasn’t his fault. “I’d like to speak to the manager, now.” “Well, the thing is,” he began, and I already didn’t believe him. He looked down, and then back up at me, “She’s giving birth in these days, so I don’t know when she’ll be in.” “She doesn’t have a phone.” He shook his head ‘no’. “Well, when will she be in again?” “Maybe tomorrow at around 9:30.” I thought ahead, I would have just enough time to ask for my money back, but then I would have to skedaddled for my meeting. “Right, okay.” I thanked him and then asked him if the restaurant was still open. He politely told me where to turn and that yes, they were still open. The restaurant was very nice, I must say. Very tasteful, with nice lighting, nice music, a bar even…what I didn’t realize was that the menu was not up to par, to at least, my own standards. I looked over the menu, and the friendly waitress which gave me time to sit down and agreed to package whatever I ordered up so I could take it back up to my room, came and checked on me and helped me with the few questions I had. I tried to find the least expensive thing on the menu, but that sounded desirable, and I went with the ravioli. I asked her what kind of meat it came with, to which her friendly smile drooped to a horrified perplexity. “We don’t serve meet at this restaurant. Only fish. This is a kosher restaurant.” And then gave me a look as though I should know this. I was more than disappointed with the meal, which was over 10 pounds, not a small amount of money, and ate a total of about five bites because it was inedible. I was very upset about that as well. That same night, when I went back to my room, I tried calling down to reception, but the phone did not go through. I couldn’t get a line. I had to go all the way back downstairs to ask the receptionist if he would please come upstairs to help me with the TV as it did not work. When he came up, he had to leave the front door open, as there was not enough room for the both of us to fit in the tiny room. The bathroom was an interesting adventure as well. To take a shower, you had to manoeuvre yourself very strategically in getting in. It was literally the tiniest bathroom I have ever encountered in my life. The next morning, when I approached the front desk once again with my bags in tow, ready to check out and try their free breakfast with stay, there was once again a new face behind the counter. Another man who tried dodging the fact that the manager was in fact in. I told him I had a complaint, and he wanted to know what it was regarding. I told him as well that I felt I had been deceived and I wanted to speak to the manager. He pointed her out to me, and when I finally managed to have a discussion with her, she was not rude but not friendly. She coolly told me that she would check my reservation while I had breakfast and she would see what she could do about a refund. I was pleased with the effort - or at least with the reported effort. I went into the restaurant once again, to find a buffet of food which, in my opinion, was inedible. All kosher once again, there were things like tuna fish with corn, burnt coffee which I took one sip of, and some other strange concoctions I couldn’t even stomach to look at early in the morning, let alone try to eat. I skipped breakfast and went back to the reception desk. To the receptionist of the night be fore’s credit, she was in fact pregnant. She informed me that she could not provide me with a refund because I had booked through a booking site, and not directly through their hotel. She offered - and albeit, qualified it first by saying that it may not be something that I would want to do, but - if I would like, she could offer me a free stay the next time I am in London, in one of their best rooms. I accepted, as this seemed to be the best she could do, but I wasn’t happy with the alternative to a refund. She asked for my e-mail address. I have yet to receive that gift voucher.
We had not been given the opportunity to see one room before we were given the key We had no natural light There was no stand for the clothes In the bathroom there were no pegs for the towels .The bed sheets were never changed in a week and the towels were never a complete set (most of the time we found two towels instead of four) We were not satisfied by what we got for the money paid therefore we would never recommend it to any of our firends or acquitances.
Nice size room with comfortable beds. No working hairdryer in the room. Key card had to be reactivated every day. Bathroom smelled awful, no fan or window and shower was filthy, black dirt all over the shower. Room was very basic. Towels were dirty too, white towels with marks all over them. Location was good for us as we were meeting family in the area and the bus outside the hotel was useful. Price was ok.
Rooms okay. Friendly and helpful staff. Excellent breakfast restaurant.
Room dirty, there was a dirty sock on the warderobe. The television was not working. The towels were dirty. There wasn't any nightlamp instead a watercooker...? At the last day (We were there three days!) there wasn't any toilettpaper anymore. the Breakfast was lousy. They had just instant coffee, even if there was a coffeemachine in Breakfastroom. They didn't want to give any! the personal was not interessted of their costumer. no greetings, or questions about our stay there. Fortunately we went often out!!!! It was nearly a torture staying in that place.
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