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The Yeego experience was user-friendly, quick and efficient. I'm still amazed at how you get such good hotel deals. Many of your competitors don't seem to beat you on price and value for money.
Most notably I like Yeegos price quotes for an entire stay, not quotes based on the average nightly price like so many other hotel reservation websites do.
Refer & Earn Program

What is the Refer & Earn Program?

You will earn 3% referrer commission on booking values of every customer account referred by you, for each and every booking they make!

How do I refer Yeego?

Simply send your clients, friends and associates your unique referral link. Anyone who clicks on your link and signs up will become your customer and you will earn 3% referrer commission on the total value of all the hotel bookings they make. We use cookies to track referrals, so once your referral link is clicked on the referral code will automatically register you as the referrer, even if your referral does not sign up right away. Referred customers are associated to your account so you will earn commission on every single booking they make. You can find your unique referral link in your client control panel under the “My Earnings” tab. Copy this link and refer away! Please read "Invite others to join" in your client control panel to view other invitation options.

Where do I see my referred customers?

You can see all your referred customers under the “My Customers” tab in your client control panel.

Where do I see my earned commissions?

You can follow up all your earned referrer commissions under the “My Earnings” tab in your client control panel. Pending commissions are commissions on bookings that your referred accounts have made but not yet consumed (bookings are only consumed once a customer has checked out). Approved commissions are commissions on bookings that your referred accounts have consumed and are available to spend. 

When can I start using my Referrer Commissions?

Your referrer commissions will become available on all your referred accounts consumed bookings 72 hours after check-out.

How do I use my Referrer Commissions?

You may spend your earned referrer commission immediately on your own hotel bookings as soon as the earnings are approved. No minimum is required for you to spend your earned commissions on your own hotel bookings. Simply book a hotel and you will be asked how much you would like to spend during the book process. You can choose to use any amount of your available referrer commissions including none. Referrer commissions that are not used against a booking remain in your account. Referrer commissions expire 180 days after they have been earned. However referrer commissions earned in one calendar year remain valid until December 31 of the calendar year in which the commissions are earned and expire if not used within the same year. 

Can I request a cash payment for my Referrer Commissions?

No. Referrer commissions can only be used to obtain discounts on bookings and we cannot make payments to customers in place of using Referrer Commissions. Referrer Commissions can only be spent on your own bookings.