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The Yeego experience was user-friendly, quick and efficient. I'm still amazed at how you get such good hotel deals. Many of your competitors don't seem to beat you on price and value for money.
Most notably I like Yeegos price quotes for an entire stay, not quotes based on the average nightly price like so many other hotel reservation websites do.

Bel Ami Hotel, Paris

Address: 7-11 Rue Saint Benoit, 75006, Paris
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Customer Reviews (6)
From 1 to 6 out of 6
The room was rather small but everything and everyone was perfect
clean, renovated, great service and great location. we got a standard room which is very small though.
Hghly recomanded
Good hotel in excellent location. Apart from small rooms (normal in Paris), this hotel is clean and friendly with very good service. Buffet breakfast is good and because there are so many and varied restaurants in the area the hotel doesnt have a problem with no lunch or dinner service / there is a room service and bar menu for snacks. George and Antonio in the bar were both excellent company and good at their jobs. Will return and use the spa next time.
Great hotel nice rooms and people very helpful and frindley Thank you regards Paul
Superior room was quite small but that was not a problem. Really annoying were: bad smell in the toilet and the fact that towels were new, but not washed!!! Service and breakfast were both very good. Location of the hotel was excellent.
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