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The Yeego experience was user-friendly, quick and efficient. I'm still amazed at how you get such good hotel deals. Many of your competitors don't seem to beat you on price and value for money.
Most notably I like Yeegos price quotes for an entire stay, not quotes based on the average nightly price like so many other hotel reservation websites do.
Yeego - Customer Comments

Marcus Buneman - Luxembourg
The Yeego experience was user-friendly, quick and efficient. I'm still amazed at how you get such good hotel deals. Many of your competitors don't seem to beat you on price and value for money. Most notably I like Yeegos price quotes for an entire stay, not quotes based on the average nightly price like so many other hotel reservation websites do.

Mohammed K. Omar - American University of Sharjah - UAE
Please note that I have delt with first time in the preparation of my honeymoon. With all the tension going around someone in this period, I was actually amazed of the flexibility and reliability of your staff. They were very honest with me and had no complaints in answering all my queries and requests. The prices were also competitive in regard to some other major booking web sites (this could be your strongest point, if continue this way). Moreover, the bonus program has been my main coming-back-factor although I prefer the percentage to be 5% instead of 3%. I really hope that your business gets bigger and bigger because it deserves.

Amos Laoye - South Africa
I thank you and all staff members for the support which I always
enjoy whenever I call your London office. The staff are so warm and always
doing their best to help. The customer service is excellent. The phone is
always picked up without any delay. You are doing a great job. I rate you 10/10. Keep up the good work.

Prasun Mishra - India
I would also like to take this oppurtunity to tell you the excellent service I have received from you people especially Serder Teke regarding my hotel booking. I fully appreciate the extreme professionalism yet personal care taken during the booking process. I would not only use your services in the near future but also be recommending your services to my friends and relatives.

Linlin Liu - China
I do appreciate the reliable prices and very good customer serivce provided by yeego in the past few yrs. I will keep my loyal support to yeego in the coming new year, also, will keep going to recommend yeego to more and more persons.

Ian Hall - UK
I would like to thank you for yet again providing an absolutely first class service which is simple, user friendly and at bargain prices. Regards and best wishes to you and all of your team.

Charlotte Bungard - France
I am an unquestionable fan and customer of Yeego although I have not made any reservations for a while. For my holidays this year I took a cruise out of Malaga where I live, so I did not need any hotel accomodation; and my business trips have taken me to places where I have had either family or friends with whom to stay. Your fast and efficient service is fantastic, and it is so good to know that Yeego is always there to help sort out any possible problems.

JP Tavares - Switzerland
We are pleased to book the hotel and car rental with yeego. 95% of the time, you have the best price.

Rosemary Dickinson - United Kingdom
Absolutely perfect. We have used several websites to book hotels all over the world and this was among the best and the easiest. We would definitely use this again. Thank you Yeego.

Jemma Heriot - United Kingdom
I booked over the website, as I am a travel agent, this was the best price I could find!

Matthew Diestel - United States
Great site. Handled everything. I put in a request for a particular room and got it. Thanks Yeego. Answered all my questions and took care of everything I asked for and more. Will defiantly use you guys again.

Betty - United States
Hopefully I will travel again this coming year and yes I will book with you - do try and keep the hotels cheap!. Thanks...

Chrysoula Deliantoniou- Dimitris Apostolakis - Greece
It's true that we feel very comfortable each time we reserve hotel rooms
via your site. You have plenty of rooms in very good prices.

Jeremy Thompson - Sky News TV presenter - United Kingdom
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the service provided by your team when I was in South Africa earlier in the year. They were able to get great discounts on hotels and car hire and provided a very friendly and personal service. I have recommended to a number of friends and colleagues as a result.

Katie Kahn-Carl - Ireland
I have always found yeego most helpful and will doubtless be using you again.

Jacqui Rochester - Australia
I become a bigger fan of Yeego each time I travel to Europe and find your
prices and range very good. It's becoming one of the first sites I check
out now and I like the credit you give for each booking too which is just a
nice little extra bonus. We booked several hotels this current trip and
your prices were highly competitive for each one.

Dr. Louis Thompson - Malta
We were very pleased with the service provided by your company and we have
suggested your web-site to several of our friends in Malta.

Paul Borg - Malta
Thank you for the good service given durig the number of years that I used yeego. Admittedely I did not have much travel in 2015 but hope that this will improve in 2016.

Joerg Drischel - United Kingdom
As usual no problems, lower priced than the competition!

Stephane Fichet and Laurence Phillips - UK
Last year we used your website for the first time and have now made 4
bookings through it. Kind regards and thanks for such an excellent site.

Scot Loetscher - USA
Websites  like yours coming from an internet travel site that surprise me the most. Due to this type of customer service your company's success is no surprise at all! In a depressed global economy all companies need to think of ways to set themselves apart from all the rest. I sincerely appreciate your efforts. Keep finding me the cheap stays!

Dr (Mrs) Pradip Dangol - Nepal
We would like to thank you and the Yeego team for making our holiday a beautiful one with booking our hotel which made our trip a non-hassle one. After showing our printed booking, we were welcomed well by the hotel reception and there was no waiting time. We will surely book from your company for the near future. Thanks, once again.

Jay Johnson - United States
Yeego did everything they advertised. The room was confirmed for the price agreed upon and the rating (at least for the Bedford) was dead on perfect. I'd definitely use this service the next time we go to Europe.

Gwen Trickett - Australia
We were very pleased with the accommodation your organised for us in London and the price was great - we have recommended your Co. to our family and friends who travel overseas.

Hadassa kirshen - Israel
As a satisfied client I want to thank you for the good experience i had with your service.

William Crano - United States
The Yeego website was terrific...helpful and we were so pleased at getting such a good price for the best room in the best hotel in Bratislava. Thanks!

Henri Philip - Israel
I am very satisfied with Yeego, the service was great, the bookings were booked and there were no problems at any of our destinations. Good prices too, others at the hotels we stayed in had paid more for the same. That can only be good!

George Reilly - United Kingdom
Excellent - cannot fault Yeego at all - things dealt with with great efficiency and most expediently. Would always try and book again with you. Thank you.

John Biela - United Kingdom
The website to enable me to book the holiday was easy to understand, it had to be! The help from the Yeego team did help in this case and I look forward to making your acquaintance again.

Julie Davies - United Kingdom
Excellent, excellent service! Very efficient and smooth transaction throughout. Certainly found us a gem of a bargain - thank you!

Aki Jokinen - Finland
Website is good and reports of reservation situation are excellent. Everything worked fine so no complaints. Prices were also quite good compared to other sites offering hotels in Riga.

Connie Flewitt - Canada
As a first-time user of Yeego, I'd have to say I was VERY impressed! I especially like the fact that I could change/cancel bookings without any penalty. Also, there were no "hidden" fees to worry about. I will definitely look to Yeego next time I travel.

Michael - United Kingdom
Thank you very much for helping me with my travel plans. I really appreciate it so much. I truly enjoyed my trip to Turkey and look forward to visiting again. I liked Mirage Park Resort very much! And the Hotel Richmond was great too. I am so happy you recommended both places to me. Club Hotel Sera was fine as a hotel, but it's location so close to city was it's only problem (but that was my choice I know). Also the Istanbul was a very good guide. I was very pleased with his selection. Everything you recommended was great. I look forward to visiting Turkey again and next time I focus on Lycian way and Agean Sea. To bad so many Americans are so afraid of Turkey. It's really a shame but good for me! I tell my neigbhors (Pam and Bill) all about Turkey and they are anxious to visit too. Of course I will give them your information so you can help them arrange trip. And my doctor is most interested in hearing about my trip too. So maybe he will be contacting you also (Dr. Mermelstein).

Erol Akarsu - United Kingdom
I just want to thank you all for the excellent service that the 'Turkey' office has done for the past year looking after our needs. We've just made our third booking through your office and in our last stay in Istanbul, we were provided with the same room that we had in our honeymoon in April. I want to thank your staff for the excellent service and care that they take to enable us to have an excellent holiday each time. Thank you again and we wish you all of the very best (we will soon be moving to Australia, and may only be able to come to turkey once a year now).

Michael St. Aldwyn - United Kingdom
I should like to thank you very much for the excellent service that we had both with the car meeting us and our stay at the Grand Mercure Hotel. Everything worked perfectly and we were most appreciative of your company's efficiency and courtesy.

Trish and Frank Francis-Stead - New Zealand
We have just returned from our 6 weeks holiday in Argentina, Curacao and Puerto Rico. I wanted to thank you so much for all you did for us when we were in Buenos Aires. Your little notes and advice helped to make our stay so enjoyable. We were hoping to visit you in your office but unfortunately time did not allow. After spending a month with our son in Curacao and Puerto Rico we had just 2 more days in Buenos Aires before flying home. On our last day we took your advice and went to Puerto Madero and had lunch at the grill restaurant you recommended - a wonderful way to finish off our holiday. The Aspen Hotel was perfect, being centrally situated and close to most things. Our favourite restaurant was SanCat on Paraguay where we enjoyed some wonderful taste sensations. We did get to San Telmo market and the Saturday market by the cemetary. Had a lot of fun at both. We went out to Palermo another day and certainly did a lot of walking around the city. All in all loved the city. We tried twice to do a tour of the Colon Theatre but each time there was no English tour - pity as it sounded amazing. Again, thank you Esteban for all your help - if I know of anyone going to Buenos Aires I will certainly put them in touch with you.

Fiona Sarno - United Kingdom
I just want tot say that the trip was great and the hotel selected could not have been more perfect for us. we were very satisfied with the service we recieved from you and the choices we made based on the information you provided i look forward to using you in the future for further trips to Africa.

Peter Dawes - United Kingdom
Many thanks for the ammended booking confirmation with the altered price. I must say that I have never booked accommodation over the internet before and your company have made this very easy for me. Unlike other sites I have visited, your service has been very prompt and easy to follow. I am confident that everything will go well, and we look forward to a good holiday in Tenerife in October. Again, many thanks for your service.

Philip Dann - United Kingdom
I just wanted to let you know that I have now arrived back in the UK from my visit to Bucharest. We were absolutely delighted with the 2 tours we had - our local guide, George Bihoi, is to be commended for his friendliness and amount of knowledge, all given with tremendous enthusiasm. Please pass along out thanks to the local company. George made our visit to Romania memorable for all the right reasons. Thank you and continued success with your organisation.

Noel McGarry - Canada
Our vacation in China and Hong Kong is over now and I would like to thank you for your assistance and in handling our booking. We had a wonderful visit to Hong Kong and the half day tour you provided was a great introduction to the city. Our hotel was most hospitable and the room was comfortable and cozy. The hotel staff were obviously familiar with (formerly cybercityguides) and we had no problems. All in all a great vacation made that much easier through your assistance. Our thanks to you. We will be pleased to refer any of our friends or colleagues who may be visiting Asia in the future.

Kerry Griffiths - United Kingdom
I would like to congratulate you on the website and the services offered. I was very pleased with the service provided for my holiday to Luxor, Egypt in March of this year. The service we received from the transfer man at the beginning and end of our holiday was worth every penny. The service provided from booking the holiday to the actual holiday was an exceptional service. I will definitely be using the website in the very near future.

Fran - United States
Well I just got back from my trip and I used your service to secure one of my hotels. I must tell you that I found your site easy to use and responsive. In addition the hotel was GREAT and boy did we get it at a nice cheap price due to your website. So Please know I will HAPPILY use again and would be happy to provide a testamonial!

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